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HV Tower 1000VA to 3000VA

PlusPRO 1 Series
HV Tower 1000VA to 3000VA

The PlusPRO 1 Series HV Tower 1000VA to 3000VA is a true double conversion online UPS with pure sinewave output and zero transfer time in a compacted stand-alone unit. Featuring 1000VA, 3000VA configuration with input range 100Vac to 300Vac, output power factor 0.9, LCD display and high performance, PlusPRO 1 Series HV Tower 1000VA to 3000VA model stand out as high efficient line of online UPS for mission critical equipment and industrial applications.

#PlusPRO 1-1000 / PlusPRO 1-2000 / PlusPRO 1-3000

* High performance true double conversion On Line UPS 1000VA to 3000VA
* Microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
* Low heat dissipation in long time operation
* Emergency power-off function (EPO)
* USB multiple communications

* Automatic self-testing function
* High efficiency mode (ECO mode)  
* Output voltage regulation +/- 2%
* Power management software
* Output power factor 0.9
* Wide input range 
* Fan speed control
* DC start

MODEL PlusPRO 1-1000 PlusPRO 1-2000 PlusPRO 1-3000
Voltage 1 Phase 2 Wires with Ground 220/230/240Vac
Voltage Range 100Vac - 300Vac
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz (Auto-Sensing)
THDi < 5% at full load
Voltage 220/230/240Vac
Voltage Regulation +/- 2%
Frequency ( Battery Mode) 50Hz or 60Hz +/- 0.05Hz
Waveform Pure Sinewave
THD < 1% (linear load), < 5% (non-linear load)
Crest Ratio 3 : 1
Inverter Mode > 88% > 90% > 90%
ECO Mode > 97%
Type Maintenance free sealed lead-acid battery
Voltage 24VDC 48VDC 72VDC
Capacity & Number 12V9AH*2pcs 12V/9Ah*4pcs 12V/9AH*6pcs
Recharge Time 4 hours to 90%
Battery Mode to Inverter Mode 0ms
Inverter to Bypass < 4ms
LCD Display Input, Output, Load, Battery, Mode/Fault/Warning code, Inverter operating, Bypass operating, Output voltage and frequency and Bypass disable/enable selection information
Battery Mode Beeps Every 4 Seconds
Low Battery Sounding Every Second
Overload Sounding Twice Every Second
Fault Beeping continuously
Interface Port USB Port
EPO Port Emergency Power Off
Operationg Temperature 0° C - 40° C
Humidity < 95% (Non-condensing)
Acousitc Noise < 40 dB at 1M < 50 dB at 1M
Dimension (D*W*H) 355*145*220mm 405*195*330mm 405*195*330mm

 *Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

*The capacity of connected loading do not exceed the capacity of UPS.

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