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1000VA to 2200VA

PlusShield 1 Series
1000VA to 2200VA

The PlusShield 1 Series 1000VA to 2200VA is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage level to protect sensitive electronics from unsafe fluctuations such as power sag, surge, spike or over voltage. Featuring 1000VA to 2200VA integrated with 3 steps regulation, 4 AVR protected outlets, 4 extended outlets, 2/10/30 sec. delay reconnection and LED status indicator in a compact wall-mount slim unit. PlusShield 1 Series fits into working environments perfectly to protect any sensitive electronics in home or office.

#PlusShield 1-1000N / PlusShield 1-1200N / PlusShield 1-2200N

* Provide stable output voltage through boost and buck stabilizer
* Microprocessor controlled design
* Delay reconnection selector (2/10/30 seconds)
* Phone line surge protection
* Surge suppression 320 Joules
* High/low voltage cut-off and overload protection

* Power switch with resettable circuit breaker

* Built-in thermal switch for over-temperature protection

MODEL PlusShield 1-1000N PlusShield 1-1200N PlusShield 1-2200N
CAPACITY 1000VA/500W 1200VA/600W 2200VA/1100W
Voltage 110/115/120Vac
Voltage Range -25%, +20%
Frequency  50Hz or 60Hz (Auto-Sensing)
Voltage 110/115/120Vac   
Voltage Range +/-10%
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Steps of Regulation 2 Boost + 1 Buck
Outlet: Nema5-15R 4pcs AVR/Surge protected + 4pcs AVR/Surge protected 8pcs AVR/Surge protected
Overload Manual Reset Circuit Switch
Over-temperature Thermal Switch
Over-voltage Cut-off Yes
Low-voltage Cut-off Yes
Surge Suppression 320 Joules
Delay Timer Selectable 2 sec. / 10 sec. / 30 sec.
AC Normal Green
Regulation Yellow
Operating Temperature 0° C - 40° C (32℉~104℉)
Humidity 0-95% (Non-condensing)
Acousitc Noise <40 dB at 1M

 *Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

*The capacity of connected loading do not exceed the capacity of AVR.

PlusShield 1 Series 1000VA to 2200VA      Brochure     Download

PlusShield 1 Series 1000VA to 2200VA      Manual        Download