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PlusGuard 7 Series

The PlusGuard 7-10A is a multi-outlet design Voltage Protector rated at 10 Amps, prevents damages to electrical and electronic equipment from power fluctuation, especially over and under voltage levels of long duration. The 6 sec / 180 sec delay reconnection provides protection against power-back surge commonly experienced after resumption of power in a power cut situation. Build-in MOV excess electricity for additional protection. The PlusGuard 7-10A will automatically guard your equipment against brownouts or transient spikes induced by lighting or power line failure.

#PlusGuard 7-10A

* Microprocessor controlled design
* Absorbs excess electricity through MOVs
* Surge suppression 900 Joules
* Delay reconnection selector 6 sec / 180 sec
* High voltage and low voltage cut-off protection
* Grounded multi-outlet design
* Provide overload protection
* Wall Mountable

MODEL PlusGuard 7-10A
Max. Current 10 Amps
Nominal Voltage 110-120Vac
Line Low Loss 90Vac
Line Low Comeback 95Vac
Line High Loss 140Vac
Line High Comeback 137Vac
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Spike Protection 900 Joules
Connector Nema5-15P plug
Nominal Voltage 110-120Vac
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Delay Timer 6 sec / 180 sec
Connector Nema5-15R socket*4pcs
Operating Temperature 0° C - 40° C (32℉~104℉)
Humidity 0-95% (Non-condensing)
Acousitc Noise <40 dB at 1M

*Product specifications are subject to change without further notice. 

*The capacity of connected loading do not exceed the capacity of Voltage Protector.

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